Five tips to get kids gardening

    Children are always excited about being in the natural world, and express awe and curiosity. This natural affinity with the garden can keep children entertained for hours as they learn how to sow seeds, nurture and watch plants grow and learn where their food comes from. There are some really easy ways to get started and here are our top five.

    Create the ultimate outdoor living room

    Making an outdoor living space in your garden gives you the best of both worlds – a place to enjoy being in nature and all the comforts of your living room at hand! There are many ways to turn an outdoor area into an extension of your home and here are a few of our favourite ideas.

    Vertical gardening for balconies

    When you’re short on space for a garden, sometimes the only way to go is up! Vertical gardening is ideal for balconies, making use of walls, upright supports, and cleverly designed planters to turn even the smallest space into a little green piece of paradise.

    Six low-cost garden makeover tips

    After a long winter, our gardens often need a bit of sprucing up, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With these six makeover tips, you can give your garden a new look without breaking the bank!


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