Oxford Insta-Shade Basic Planting Guideline


Planting Guides

  1. Hole:  Dig a hole about 1/3 wider and deeper that the pot/root ball. In clay soils, the hole should be shallower than normal to avoid drowning the plant.
  2. Filling:  Fill with a mix of original soil and a bag of Tree and Shrub Planting mix or Peat Moss to cover the bottom 6” (15cm) of the hole adding some Bone Meal.
  3. Water:  Water thoroughly in the container before transplanting.
  4. Plant: Plastic pot - Remove plastic pot, rough up the roots, and put it into the hole. Fiber Pot - Keep in pot and cut off the top 2" of the pot. Make 5-7 long vertical cuts on the sides to allow the roots to grow into their new home.
  5. Remove: Take off/cut away any wires and rope around the base of the plant. For trees in wire baskets, cut away at least 1/3 of the wire and burlap at the top of the root ball after it is placed in the hole.
  6. Final Filling:  Put the remainder of your triple mix or top soil around the plant. Be sure to never cover of the crown(where the stem divides into the roots) with soil, as this will suffocate the plant.
  7. Staking: Depending on the type, size, and location of the tree you are planting, staking may be recommended. For an average potted tree with a 2" and under diameter trunk, place a T-post 6" away from the trunk towards the prevailing winds. Secure the post to the tree with rubber hose or other recommended products in-store. For larger trees consult an employee for advice.
  8. Mulch: Add about 2-3" of mulch to control weeds, keel in the moisture, and make your garden look complete. 
  9. Fertilize: Fertilizer will give your plants a beneficial boost throughout the growing season. Check in-store to see which fertilizer will suit your plants best.
  10. Watering:  Water generously 1-3 times a week until frost for the first year, or as directed otherwise by an employee. Keep in mind that plants in clay soil need less water, while plants in sandy soil will need water more often. 

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