6 gardening tips for January

The New Year is here, and it's time to get going in the garden again! Whatever the weather, there's always something to do, and here are our top 15 gardening tips for January.

15 gardening tips for January

  1. Birds need plenty of food to keep warm at this time of year, so top up bird feeders with sunflower seeds, suet balls and other high-energy foods. Make sure there's clean water in bowls or birdbaths for birds to drink and wash their feathers.

  2. Check any stored bulbs like tulips, dahlias and begonias to make sure they aren't drying out or rotting.

  3. Get your tools in order while you have some time to spare. Sharpen lawnmowers and secateurs, and clean out old pots ready for seed sowing in spring.

  4. If you want to sow early peas, prepare the soil now by laying fleece, black plastic or cloches over the ground now to warm it up.

  5. Sow microgreens on a sunny windowsill to give you a taste of fresh salad while you wait for spring to arrive.

  6. Plant a new tree or shrub to celebrate the new year! Provided the ground isn't waterlogged or frozen, winter's a good time to plant trees and shrubs, and at this time of year, you can buy bare root plants, which are cheaper than container-grown – a great idea if you're planting hedges or redoing a shrub border. 

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