Five tips to get kids gardening

Five tips to get kids gardening

These top five tips to get kids gardening will help you encourage kids in your family or friends to get engaged with growing plants. Children are always excited about being in the natural world, and express awe and curiosity. Without fear they will usually climb trees and run barefoot on the lawn. This natural affinity with the garden can keep children entertained for hours as they learn how to sow seeds, nurture and watch plants grow and learn where their food comes from. There are some really easy ways to get started and here are our top five.

1. Get their hands dirty

Unless they are gardening where pets have been or near thorny or stinging plants, let them get their hands in the soil. It’s a great opportunity for them to learn about how important the soil is for plants to grow and all about the magical life beneath their feet. Remember turning over a stone or rock to discover woodlice, worms and millipedes? It’s fascinating to look at what goes on in the garden and kids love to explore.

Five tips to get kids gardening

2. Have a growing competition

This competition could be between members of your family or a wider friend group or even at school! Who can grow the tallest Sunflower is always a great one to get kids involved with because the seeds germinate fast. Ultimately, they become something so big and pretty that kids will be amazed and it’s great for kids to enjoy. The winner could be given a packet of Sunflower seeds for next year!

3. Sow fast growing seeds

While gardening teaches adults patience, kids perhaps need something to keep them engaged sooner and for longer! Choosing seeds that tend to germinate quickly along with some others as well means they will see what happens sooner and will stay engaged. Most peas, squash and even micro greens will grow fast enough to keep them happy while the other seeds take a bit longer.

Five tips to get kids gardening

4. Choose fun edibles

There are many flowers that are also edible, such as pansies, nasturtiums, and herb flowers. Add some of these into the kids’ garden area and they can try some petals to eat as well! Lots of fun, lots of colour and lots of different flavours.

5. Give them their own space and tools

If you want to look after the rest of your garden in your own way, why not allocate them a space to grow whatever they want, to dig, and to learn? By giving them a little space and their own tools, they will take ownership and love to watch things grow.

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