Seasonal Lawn Care Calendar

Seasonal Lawn Care Calendar

This seasonal lawn care calendar has all the tips and advice you need to get you through the year with a thriving lawn. You might have a dried-out yard if you have been experiencing very hot and dry weather. Don’t worry about your lawn if it has crisped up in the heat because after fall rain, it will soon spring back, ready for next year; in the meantime, take a look at this calendar so you know how to care for your lawn at the different times of the year.

Fall Seasonal Lawn Care

  • As the growth of your grass begins to slow down, raise the height of your mower blade until you stop altogether.
  • Scarify and aerate your lawn to allow good airflow and remove weeds and moss. If your lawn is established, you can also use a weed and feed product to help out.
  • If your lawn has some patchy areas, you can now sow some lawn seed or lay some turf.
  • It is time to top-dress your lawn if needed.

Winter Seasonal Lawn Care

  • If your lawn is covered in leaves or other debris, sweep it away to ensure no pests or diseases are hiding underneath.
  • If your lawn has lots of worm castings, these can be brushed off when dry.
  • If you have any overhanging foliage from shrubs and plants around the lawn, trim them back.
  • Ensure all your lawn care tools and equipment are in good order, cleaned, and ready for storing over the winter.
  • Limit walking on the lawn, especially if it is frozen or waterlogged.

Spring Seasonal Lawn Care

  • As the weather starts to get warmer, you can begin to mow your lawn, starting on a higher setting before lowering it over time.
  • If needed, top dress your lawn.
  • Scarifying to remove weeds and moss can be done in spring.
  • Reseed patchy areas before it gets too warm.
  • Overseed your lawn if it is established, which will help it to thrive.

Summer Seasonal Lawn Care

  • You will be mowing your lawn more frequently, but if you decide not to, leaving some longer can be beneficial for wildlife.
  • Remove weeds by hand.
  • Water regularly in prolonged dry spells. Grey water from your home can also be used. Use water wisely.
  • If you need to stop pests such as Chafer Grub, apply some nematodes to stop the cycle.
  • If you aren’t going to be home for some time, make sure you ask your neighbours for some watering help.

With this lawn care calendar in mind, your property will always look its best. Please visit us for lawn care products, mowers, pest control, and garden tools. We look forward to welcoming you to our garden centre. Any questions? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always happy to help you out.

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