Our garden centre is bursting with decoration ideas that are sure to appeal to all your senses. Do visit our garden centre. You'll be glad you did.

Ornaments, Fountains and Accessories

Any one from our selection of contemporary or classical fountains will bring lavish charm to your outdoors. Assembly is not difficult – whether the fountain is made of cement, slate, or copper - and the pump is included. Take wind exposure into consideration when you’re scouting for the best location.

A well-decorated deck or an open patio in the garden are just the places for unforgettable summer evenings spent with friends. Create your own ambiance and style, and give special, considered attention to a number of details: beautiful garden furniture, a prettily decorated table, bouquets of flowers and small, elegant accessories carefully placed.

Garden and Patio Furniture

Our Woodstock garden centre is filled with unique garden and patio furniture. We have bistro table/chair sets, bamboo furniture, wood furniture and much, much more. A drive down to Oxford Insta-Shade to see our large variety of garden and patio furniture, will be a pleasant experience.

Bird Care Supplies

Finch feeders, hummingbird feeders, and a host of beautiful and unique bird feeders are available in our garden centre. We also have several varieties of bird feed in our store. Visit our garden centre to see our large assortment of bird care supplies

Gardening Tools

It's important to be equipped with the right tools to enjoy the pleasures of gardening. You should therefore choose your tools in accordance with your gardening needs, your size and your personal needs.

The ideal garden tool kit is made up of about 10 tools that are most useful to you to care for your flower or vegetable gardens. The basic essentials to start with are: lawn rake, rake, garden spade, and spading fork. Those who wish to get involved in major landscaping will, of course, require special tools.

Visit our garden centre to see our large assortment of gardening tools

Kid's Toys

If you introduce your kids to gardening early on, their interest will continue to grow with them. Children love nature but they don't always understand how nature works. They may not all be expert gardeners by the age of three, but gardening can become an integral part of their leisure time activities as they get older. Start building the memories early; they'll last a lifetime.

Visit our garden centre to see our selection of kids toys - actually, I mean Kid's Tools. Your children can work along side you with their very own tools!

Seeds and Fertilizers

We are able to look after your needs whether you need sod or seeding installed. And for the do-it-yourselfer, we stock sod in season and seed all year.

The Botanix four-step fertilizer program is available at our garden centre.

Pots and Trellises

We have a large selection of pots and trellises. Pots may be used indoors or outdoors - it's your choice. Trellises are available in many shapes and forms. Do visit our garden centre to see our large assortment of pots and trellises.


We have giftware available for any occasion. Be it a birthday, wedding, anniversary and/or retirement gift you are looking for, we are sure to have it. With over 22,500 square foot of in-door shopping area, we'll be surprised if we don't have what you're looking for! In any case, a gift certificate, comes in any size, colour and amount. A visit to our garden centre is a step in the right direction to get the 'perfect gift'.


Your pond is not complete without fish. As beautiful as they are, fish can be tricky creatures to care for even with instructions! Learn how to choose and care for your fish with a visit to our garden centre. You choose your own fish out of our fish tanks. We also have a great selection of pond supplies.

Pond and Water Gardening Supplies

Nothing can compare to the tranquil experience of a water garden, created and installed by our expert team of landscapers. We maintain an impressive supply of parts as well as numerous varieties of water plants, waterfalls, and ponds with name-brand systems like Aquascape and Cyprio. With the Aquascape Biofiltration System or the Cyprio Filtration with UV clarifier you are nearly guaranteed clean, clear water with minimal maintenance.

Visit our garden centre to see our extensive array of pond products and accessories. We are also provide Ontario tree supply and London landscaping.
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